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SHEHDS Новая версия из алюминиевого сплава Светодиодная лампа RGBACL 200 Вт 6 в 1 COB Light Гарантия 2 года Регулируемая чувствительность голосового управления для сцены

SHEHDS Новая версия из алюминиевого сплава Светодиодная лампа RGBACL 200 Вт 6 в 1 COB Light Гарантия 2 года Регулируемая чувствительность голосового управления для сцены

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Sku: Артикул: SH-NPCOB200W6F-BPUS

Тип: New Version
Корабль: US
Доставить из: China by Air/Express


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Technical Parameter

-Electrical Specification and Connections

Power Supply

200W Electronic Auto-Ranging

Input Voltage Range

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power in Connector

Neutrik PowerCON

Signal input/output

3-pin XLR Head Socket


Light Source Type

200W RGBACL 6in1 COB

LED Life Expectancy

20000 Hours


0~100% Linear Dimming

LED Feature

Auto Mode ,Sound Mode,Manual Programming Scenarios

-Optical System

Beam Angle




Beam Lux

260 Lux / 10m


0~100% Linear Dimming

-Control and Programming



Running Mode

DMX512 Mode, Manual Mode

DMX Channel Mode

6/10 CH

-Mechanical Specification


High Strength Aluminum Alloy Body

Heat Dissipation Method

Overheat Protection, Efficient Heat Dissipation System

Product Size

22x22x22 cm / 8.66x8.66x8.66 inch

Product Weight

3.72 kg

Package Size

26x26x37 cm / 10.23x10.23x14.5 inch

Package Weight

4.62 kg

Ingress Protection Rating


LED 200W COB Light
RGBACL 6in1 Color Mixing

The light source consists of 200W COB LEDs,
Linear adjustable color from RGBACL creates the most realistic stage scene environment,creates a strong visual impact for the performance.

Product Features

Dual modes are available, allowing the lights to dance to the music,
The lighting engineer can flexibly switch colors, angles, and lighting effects.


Product size:Size: 22x22x22 cm / 8.66x8.66x8.66 inch
Product weight: 3.72 kg

Beam Angel

Max 69° Beam Angel Covering a wider area can illuminate a larger space. The lighting is more natural and comfortable. It is more natural and will not have overly stiff effects.

Optical Lens Display

Using frosted material reflector, achieving a reflection rate of 98% and higher lighting efficiency
More uniform color mixing effect

Integrating Powerful Beam And Wash Functions

ultra wide lighting range,
And 0-100% smooth dimming function,
It can generate various dynamic psychedelic lighting effects,
Fully adapt to the application needs of different stages.

Beam Effect

Adjust lighting through the lens to enhance the atmosphere of the scene.
Not only does it add color and vitality to the stage, but it also brings us a brand new visual world.

Light Effect

Light Barrier

Adjust the lighting and shadow effects on the stage to create different atmospheres and visual effects. Highlight the key areas or characters on the stage, making the audience pay more attention to these areas or characters, and enhancing the visual effect of the stage.

LED Light Source

Using ceramic substrate LED beads, Has properties such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance So as to adapt to different lighting environments and customer needs.

Split Heat Dissipation

Newly upgraded appearance, aluminum casing aluminum shell, high strength, low density, lightweight, convenient to carry; good corrosion resistance and less prone to rusting; good heat dissipation and excellent thermal conductivity.

Introduction To Panel Functions

Diode display screen Built in adjustable Sound Mode sensitivity value New temperature control protection function added New real-time temperature feedback function added

Foot Stand And Knob

Our tripods can provide excellent stability and safety. The limit design can effectively prevent the tripod from slipping in unexpected situations, ensuring that your device remains stable at all times.

Packing List

Each process undergoes strict verificationEvery part is carefully selected

Flight Case
DIY Service

Equipped with silent 360 degree wheels + brake lockers

Note: This is DIY service,
please consult customer service for details!

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