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GalaxyJet LED feixe 180W iluminação de cabeça móvel para performance de palco concerto festa de aniversário casamento

GalaxyJet LED feixe 180W iluminação de cabeça móvel para performance de palco concerto festa de aniversário casamento

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Technical Parameter

-Electrical Specification and Connections

Power supply: 

180W Electronic auto-ranging

Input voltage range:

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power in connector:

Neutrik powerCON


Light source type:

150W LED 

Colour temperature output:

7500±500 K

10m/20m Beam Illuminance: 

7790 lux @ 10m   /  2500 lux @20m

Life expectancy:  

min. 1500 hours

-Optical system

Beam angle: 

Beam 2.8°-  Frost 14°- Prism 12.5°


0~100% linear dimming

Lens diameter:


-Dynamic Effects and Features

Colour wheel :

11 fixed dichroic colours + open

Static gobo wheel:

14 static gobos + open 


18-facet prism rotating in both directions at variable speed


Fast change frosts for instant softening of the projected gobo or framing shutters

Raimbow wheel:

6 colors

-Control and programming



DMX channel mode:

15 CH; 

Moving head range:

Pan:540°  Tilt:270° 


Auto mode ,sound mode,Manual programming scenarios

-Mechanical specification

Housing : 

High temperature resistant and flame retardant plastic housing

Product size:

24x18x41 cm  /  9.45x7.09x16.14 inch

Product weight:

6.72 kg

Package size:

43x32x31 cm  /  16.93x12.60x12.20 inch

Package weight:

8.08 kg

Operating temperature:


Ingress protection rating: 



The 180W beam not only has a fashionable and compact appearance,
but also perfectly integrates beam, dyeing,
and pattern effects The color temperature reaches up to 7500K,
and in beam mode, the illumination at 10 meters reaches 7790 lux, with a sharp sense.
The excellent light output creates a strong visual impact for the performance.

Product Features

Flexibly shaping uniform and colorful pattern effects, effortlessly showcasing exciting and colorful illusion lighting effects.
Uniform color mixing and excellent color reproduction can create a dazzling stage light and shadow visual experience,
Improve the level of stage performance in all aspects, providing high-quality choices
for various professional performance venues such as concerts, bars, evening parties, roadshows, etc.

Product Size

Product size:24x18x41 cm / 9.45x7.09x16.14 inch
Product Weights:6.72 kg

Lumen Value Display

In the lighting industry, lumens serve as a significant metric for assessing the brightness of light fixtures, reflecting the luminous efficacy and the overall quality of the lighting output. When selecting lighting fixtures, the lumen value aids us in understanding the illuminative strength that the particular fixture is capable of providing.

120mm Optical Coated Large Lens

More powerful and spectacular beam of light,
The pattern is clearer and more natural,New Process Technology for Colorful Coating

Beam Angle

Beam effect - 2.8 degrees ,Prism effect - 12.5 degrees
Frost effect - 14 degrees

The beam angle refers to the angle formed in a specific device, such as with sound waves, light waves, or electromagnetic waves, where during the transmission process of energy from the source, the energy intensity attenuates to half of its peak power (-3dB), defining the spread or concentration of the energy.

Light Effect

Effect Show

Colors Effect 14 Static Gobos +open / 11 Fixed Dichroic Colours + open

Prism Effect Display

Bright And Colorful

Frost Effect Display

Rendering the Stage Atmosphere

Beam Effect

Uniform and colorful pattern effects with uniform light spots

Packing List

Each process undergoes strict verificationEvery part is carefully selected

Flight Case
DIY Service

Equipped with silent 360 degree wheels + brake lockers

Note: This is DIY service,
please consult customer service for details!

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It's no exaggeration to say that I think the quality is good and it's a great deal and value for money for the price.