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Constellaser 6W RGB Animation Laser Semiconductor Laser With DMX512 & ILDA & RJ45 Art Net Connector

Constellaser 6W RGB Animation Laser Semiconductor Laser With DMX512 & ILDA & RJ45 Art Net Connector

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Type: Laser 6w
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6W RGB Animation Laser Light
High-frequency scanning pattern laser
Professional stage equipment

Constellation Laser Series
The origin of constellations can be traced back to prehistoric times.
People use them to tell stories about their beliefs, experiences,
 creations and myths. Our designers have created a variety of laser stage lights under the name of "Constellation Laser".
Like the stars that light up the nebula in the dark, our laser lights light up every stage.

Technical Parameter

-Light source parameters

Laser wavelength:

R-638nm, G-520nm, B-450nm

Spot size (laser window spot):


Light source divergence angle :


Modulation mode:

0~5V analog, up to 50khz/TTL

Laser class:

Class IV

-Imaging system

Imaging color:

Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, white mixed colors



Lens Horizontal Offset:

-30% to +30%

Lens Vertical Offset::

-30% to +30%

Imaging mode:

3D/2D pattern and animation (with software) 

Projection distance:

<100M The best distance is 18~60M

Playback rate:


Playback angle:


-Security system

Safety standard:

Follow the IEC60825 standard

Safety item:

Overcurrentand voltage protection

Degree of protection:


Operating temperature:


-Interface and Control System

Control interface:

ILDA In/Out , DMX In/Out ,RJ45 In/Out

DMX channel:


Power interface:

Neutrik PowerCon

-Cooling system

Cooling method:

air cooled


60mm plug-in heat dissipation layer

Ventilation fan:

60mm fan in*1 , 60mm fan out* 1

-Power consumption

Working power:

100~240V AC 50/60HZ

Power consumption:

Max 150W

-Physical parameters

Product size :

12.99x11.81x8.66 inch / 33x30x22 cm

Product weight:

5.16 Kg

Pack size:

14.57x13x9.45 inch / 37x33x24 cm

Package weight:

7 Kg

Menu function
5 auto modes, 5 sound control modes customizable animation speeds
convenient rotary button menu key.

RJ45 Ultra Long Range Fast Track
The RJ45 network cable interface can help you quickly and stably transmit optical signals,
as well as provide you with broader data transmission space
and more efficient signal transmission speed, making your stage lighting, stage lighting,
and theater more eye-catching.

ILDA Protocols

Professional software that supports ILDA interface device input,

multimedia display programming, and on-site improvisation performance output.

Control Model

The best feature of this laser light is its programmability and versatility.

You can choose a variety of animation and pattern effects through the controller or DMX controller.

 At the same time, it also supports sound mode and auto mode,

which can change freely according to the music and environment to bring more outstanding effec ts to the stage performance.

Adopting high-quality RGB Laser source

Possess colorful colors

Laser Effect

It has a variety of patterns and animation effects, supports automatic and voice-activated modes,

sharp and even light, and uses the best accessories and lasers.

High Speed Galvanometer

20 KPPS with high precision

The high-frequency scanning technology ensures a smooth and seamless display of laser patterns,

with sharp and precise movements that are sure to captivate any audience. 

Cooling Fan Input x1 Output x1

High efficiency cooling fan

The Northern Lights Canopy Effects

Presenting a dreamy and colorful visual effect similar to the aurora

Multiple Pattern Effects

Partial pattern display, more pattern effects waiting for you

Applicable Scene

These laser lights are perfect for creating stunning visual effects in bars and clubs,

enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of any venue.


During the use of a laser source,

Do not look directly at the light source.

The effect of stage laser lights is formed by high-speed scanning of the laser

beam through high-speed galvanometers or low-speed stepper motors.

 The harm to the human body is mainly reflected in the harm to the eyes,

and prolonged exposure can lead to blindness.

Carefully Select Excellent Accessories

Additional Accessories

Flight Case DIY Service

Equipped with silent 360 degree wheels + brake lockers

Note: This is DIY service, please consult customer service for details!

Qualification Certificate

International organizations Authority certification