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Rechargeable Flight Case(Silent Wheels) For 6/8/10 pcs 6x18W 6in1 RGBAW+UV Wireless Remote Control Wifi Battery Lighting

Rechargeable Flight Case(Silent Wheels) For 6/8/10 pcs 6x18W 6in1 RGBAW+UV Wireless Remote Control Wifi Battery Lighting

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Type: Rechargeable Case For 6pcs
Ship To: US
Ship From: China by Sea/Train


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The Charging station

Specially designed for the 6x18W rechargeable par light , it can be used for storage,
recycling, and unified charging of various devices,
and is an indispensable and important equipment in the mobile stage industry.

Technical Parameter

-Power consumption


100~250V AC 50/60HZ

Power consumption:

Max 250W

-Physical parameters

(10 in1) Product size :

33.86x18.90x16.14 inch / 86x48x41 cm

Product weight:

19.76 kg

(8 in1) Product size :

27.95x18.90x16.14 inch / 71x48x41 cm

Product weight:

17.46 kg

(6 in1) Product size :

22.04x18.90x16.14 inch / 56x48x41 cm

Product weight:

15.16 kg

Multiple Sizes Available

6in1 / 8in1 / 10in1.

Functional Structure

Equipped with high-strength alloy locks to enhance safe transportation environment

Power Specifications

Adopting high-quality pure copper power cables, the voltage range is widely applicable to 100-240V power supplies,

and the maximum current output can reach 5A, stable and reliable.

Compatibility Interface

There is a charging plug inside the aviation box,

allowing users to directly plug the device into the charging device without the need for additional charging devices,

 which is convenient and fast.

Compatible with power interface specifications from multiple countries such as EU/US/AU/UK.

Can be charged independently, convenient and fast.            

Shockproof And Silent Soft Tires

During flat handling,

the average noise level is as low as 30 dP and equipped with two parking devices

to reduce noise and safety hazards during transportation

This power box has a compact design and is easy to store and manage,

bringing you a more convenient user experience.

Suitable for outdoor mobile holiday activities and other activities.

Moisture Proof Insulation Material

The charging aviation box is made of high-quality PVE material and has undergone strict insulation

treatment to prevent safety issues such as static electricity,

allowing users to use it with confidence.

Qualification Certificate

International organizations Authority certification