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Faisceau LED + lavage 37x15W RGBW tête mobile zoom éclairage mise à niveau du faisceau 230W DJ Disco scène tête mobile pour église mariage concert théâtre scène de performance

Faisceau LED + lavage 37x15W RGBW tête mobile zoom éclairage mise à niveau du faisceau 230W DJ Disco scène tête mobile pour église mariage concert théâtre scène de performance

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Technical Parameter

-Electrical Specification and Connections

Power Supply

800W Electronic Auto-Ranging

Input Voltage Range

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power in Connector

Neutrik PowerCON

Signal input/outputr

3-pin XLR Head Socket


Light Source Type

LED 15W*37PCS RGBW color mixing

LED Life Expectancy

20000 Hours


0~100% Linear Dimming

LED Feature

Auto Mode ,Sound Mode,Manual Programming Scenarios

-Optical System

Beam Angle

4~60 Degrees




0~100% Linear Dimming

-Mechanical Specification


540°/270° & Fine


High Strength Aluminum Alloy Body

Heat Dissipation Method

Overheat Protection, Efficient Heat Dissipation System

Product Size

50.5x37x22 cm

Product Weight

14.25 kg

Package Size

55x47x39.5 cm

Package Weight

16 kg

Ingress Protection Rating


37x15W RGBW Zoom LED Wash Light
RGBW 4in1 Color Mixing

Dye the stage background to create a dreamy visual effect. At the same time, it can also create different atmospheres and emotions for performances through color changes and combinations.

Product Features

Suitable for various stage performances and film and television shooting,
with strong adaptability and the ability to meet the needs of different scenes.


Product size:Size: 50.5x37x22 cm
Product weight: 14.25 kg

Beam Angel

4~60° controllable adjustment of Beam Angel Covering a wider area can illuminate a larger space. The lighting is more natural and comfortable. It is more natural and will not have overly stiff effects.

RGBW 4in1 Mixing Color

By changing and combining colors, different atmospheres and emotions are created for the performance.

Large Area Lighting

According to the stage layout and performance requirements, the light beam can be accurately projected onto specific positions or actors to create unique visual effects.

Control Interface and Power Interface

DMX512 and power input/output interface, supporting master-slave series mode

Light Effect

Efficient heat dissipation

Adopting three efficient and stable cooling system fans. The cooling fan has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, low noise, and long lifespan, which can provide long-lasting and stable cooling support for your fixture.

Independent color changing panel

7+12+18 LED three-layer design, with a total of 37 LED beads, including RGBW with complete four colors, each layer can be independently controlled. Adjust the brightness and color of each layer of LED at will, making your lighting performance more colorful.

Flexible Zoom

Adapt to various scenarios and needs. Whether it's a large scene that needs to illuminate the entire stage or a small scene that needs to focus light on specific actors or props, this stage light can easily handle it.

Compact Body

The compact stage lights are no less functional. It has the characteristics of high brightness, high color rendering, and rich colors, which can bring excellent lighting effects to performances.

Packing List

Each process undergoes strict verificationEvery part is carefully selected

Flight Case
DIY Service

Equipped with silent 360 degree wheels + brake lockers

Note: This is DIY service,
please consult customer service for details!

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los Borbones

I like it.

Ramón y Cajal

There is no difference between the stuff and the picture.


Good Moving Wash light for the money. It has some great features like the wide zoom range and 3 segment control. There are a few things that need work though. Pan and Tilt are not the smoothest when trying to do slow effects. Also when zoomed all the way in there is quite a bit of light spill around the edges. A taller snoot or a little better optics would fix this. Also the hole in the mounting brackets is just a tiny bit too small to fir a standard 1/2" bolt for a mounting clamp. I tried multiple different clamps but ended up having to drill the bracket out with a 1/2" drill bit to fit the bolt. For the price I am happy with the fixture and currently have one more on order to get us a total of 4 of these lights.

Bruce Swift

Beautifully packaged, intact, you can see that the business is very attentive.


SHEHDS is a trustworthy brand, very perfect product, great service