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GalaxyJet Waterproof IP65 380W 19R Beam Moving Head Lighting With Ring Effect For Night Sightseeing Radio theaters

GalaxyJet Waterproof IP65 380W 19R Beam Moving Head Lighting With Ring Effect For Night Sightseeing Radio theaters

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Type: 380W 19R
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Technical Parameter

-Electrical Specification and Connections

Power supply:

450W-380V+12V+36V Electronic auto-ranging

Input voltage range:

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power in connector:

Neutrik powerCON


Light source type:

380W Bulb

Colour temperature output:

7500±500 K

10m/20m Beam Illuminance:

475000 lux @ 10m   /  125500 lux @20m

10m/20m frost Illuminance:

5300 lux@10m   /   1300 lux @20m

Life expectancy:

min. 1500 hours

-Optical system

Beam angle:

Beam 1.8°-  Frost 9.5°


Mechanical shutter

Lens diameter:


-Dynamic Effects and Features

Colour wheel :

14 fixed dichroic colours + white

Static gobo wheel:

17 static gobos + open

Prism 1:

8-facet prism rotating in both directions at variable speed

Prism 2:

24-facet prism rotating in both directions at variable speed


Fast change frosts for instant softening of the projected gobo or framing shutters

Raimbow wheel:

6 colors

-Control and programming



DMX Channel Mode:

19 CH;


Auto mode ,Sound mode,Manual programming scenarios

-Mechanical specification

Housing :

High temperature resistant and flame retardant plastic housing

Product size:

39 x 30 x 60 cm  /   15.35x 11.81 x 23.62 inch

Product weight:

21.96 kg

Package size:

Package size: 77 x 52 x 75 cm  /  30.3 x 20.4 x 29.5 inch

Package weight:

22 kg

Operating temperature:


Ingress protection rating:


Moving Head Lighting

Waterproof IP 65 380W beam shake head lamp, equipped with a 380W light engine, with high output and high display switching mode, pure color and extremely high color reproduction. Rich color and pattern plates, excellent dynamic wheel and prism effects, combined with various strobe speeds,
create a colorful and ever-changing visual effect.

Product Features

Flexibly shaping uniform and colorful pattern effects, effortlessly showcasing exciting and colorful illusion lighting effects.Uniform color mixing and excellent color reproduction can create a dazzling stage light and shadow visual experience,Improve the level of stage performance in all aspects, providing high-quality choices for various professional performance venues such as concerts, bars, evening parties, roadshows, etc.


Product size:39 x 30 x 60 cm / 15.35x 11.81 x 23.62 inch
Product weight: 21.96 kg

Beam Angel

Beam 1.8°- Frost 9.5° Beam Angel Covering a wider area can illuminate a larger space. The lighting is more natural and comfortable. It is more natural and will not have overly stiff effects.

Optical Lens Display

Clockwise and counterclockwise 360 °rotation

Integrating Powerful Beam

Bring stunning visual effects to your performance and push it to the climax. This shaking head beam lamp adopts advanced technology to bring unique light and shadow charm to the stage, making your performance more eye-catching.

Prism Effect

Adjust lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the scene through the overlapping effect of biprism.
It not only adds color and vitality to the stage, but also brings us a brand new visual world.

Frost Effect

The atomized dyeing effect brought an unprecedented visual feast to the performance, making the stage more dreamy, mysterious, and captivating.

Color Effect

14 fixed dichroic colours + white Rich colors, from elegant pink to deep blue, from passionate red to fresh green, interweave and blend in the smoke, forming charming scenes.

Out Door IP65

Adopting rigorous waterproof technology to ensure stable operation even in harsh outdoor environments. Whether it's drizzling rain or pouring rain, our stage lights can easily handle it, ensuring that your performance is not affected by the weather and always shines brightly.

155mm Optical Coated Large Lens

More powerful and spectacular beam of light,
The pattern is clearer and more natural,New Process Technology for Colorful Coating

Light Effect

Outdoors Scene

The shell is made of waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials, which not only has excellent waterproof performance but also resists the erosion of harsh weather, ensuring the service life of the lamp.


The internal circuit has also undergone special treatment to effectively prevent moisture intrusion and ensure the stable operation of the lamp.

Carefully Select Excellent Accessories

Adopting a wide voltage power supply and internationally recognized large capacitors Bold copper wire for higher brightness and better current stability

Split Heat Dissipation

Efficient heat dissipation function can quickly dissipate the heat generated inside the lamp, effectively preventing the lamp from overheating.

Split Heat Dissipation

Efficient heat dissipation function can quickly dissipate the heat generated inside the lamp, effectively preventing the lamp from overheating.


Power and signal cables-IP67

The waterproof outer layer material effectively blocks the invasion of water, while the internal circuit is specially treated to have excellent waterproof performance.

Waterproof Interface

1.8 inch TFT color LCD display screen, 180 degree rotatable

Waterproof Interface

The high-definition display UI interface design is simple and clear, with clear and easy to read icons and text. The interface integrates multiple functional options

Suspension Installation Structure

By using RDM functionality, remote management and control of devices can be achieved, making stage lighting management more convenient and efficient.

Split folding light hook

The split folding lamp hook is made of high-strength materials to ensure stability and reliability during use.

Packing List

Each process undergoes strict verificationEvery part is carefully selected

Flight Case
DIY Service

Equipped with silent 360 degree wheels + brake lockers

Note: This is DIY service,
please consult customer service for details!

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Great light highly recommed ,very nice