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Waterproof LED Zoom&Wash COB Par 300W RGBW 4in1 Light (IP65) High Brightness for Church Theater Wedding Outdoor CORALPAR

Waterproof LED Zoom&Wash COB Par 300W RGBW 4in1 Light (IP65) High Brightness for Church Theater Wedding Outdoor CORALPAR

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Type: 300W RGBW 4In1
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Technical Parameter

-Electrical Specification and Connections

Power Supply:

300W Electronic Auto-Ranging

Input Voltage Range

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power in Connector

Neutrik PowerCON

Signal input/output

3-pin XLR Head Socket


Light Source Type

RGBW 4in1 mixing color

LED Life Expectancy

20000 Hours


0~100% Linear Dimming

LED Feature

Auto Mode ,Sound Mode,Manual Programming Scenarios

-Optical System

Beam Angle




Beam Lux

430 Lux / 10m


0~100% Linear Dimming

-Control and Programming



Running Mode

DMX512 Mode, Manual Mode

DMX Channel Mode


-Mechanical Specification


Die cast aluminum casing

Heat Dissipation Method

Overheat Protection, Efficient Heat Dissipation System

Product Size

7.87x7.87x14.96 inch / 20x20x38 cm

Product Weight

6.5 kg

Package Size

20.28x12.01x10.83 inch / 51.5x30.5x27.5 cm

Package Weight

8.0 kg

Ingress Protection Rating


Waterproof LED Zoom&Wash Par
300W RGBW 4in1 Light (IP65)

The light source consists of 300W COB LEDs,
Linear adjustable color RGBW 4in1 mixing,
creates the most realistic stage scene environment,
creates a strong visual impact for the performance.

Product Features

Dual modes are available, allowing the lights to dance to the music,
The lighting engineer can flexibly switch colors, angles, and lighting effects.


7.87x7.87x14.96 inch / 20x20x38 cm
6.5 kg
20.28x12.01x10.83 inch / 51.5x30.5x27.5 cm
8.0 kg

Beam Angel

27~61° Beam Angel Covering a wider area can illuminate a larger space. The lighting is more natural and comfortable. It is more natural and will not have overly stiff effects.

Optical Lens Display

Adopting Fresnel threaded lenses,
the mirror body absorbs less heat energy, reduces scattering loss, and has high efficiency

ntegrating Powerful Beam And Wash Functions

It has multiple color modes and effects, such as gradients, flickers, jumps, etc., which can meet different performance scenes and needs.

Beam Effect

By controlling the brightness and color changes of lighting, different atmospheres and emotions can be created, enhancing the infectivity and ornamental value of stage performances

Light Effect

LED Light Source

Using 5mm Thick pure copper load panel Has properties such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance ,So as to adapt to different lighting environments and customer needs.

Waterproof Effect Test

To ensure that our waterproof products can provide long-lasting and reliable protection under various adverse weather conditions, we have conducted a series of rigorous tests,Imitate the effect of the scene in the light rain

Applicable Scene

These lights are perfect for creating stunning visual effects in bars and clubs, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of any venue.

Split Heat Dissipation

Independent isolation compartment heat dissipation method, dual insulation and sealing protection measures, high-performance waterproof fan with intelligent temperature control adjustment

Introduction To Panel Functions

Waterproof soft glue menu button, simple interactive menu。

Waterproof Interface

All Weather Protective Beam Light All weather protective beam light,waterproof power connector input/output , can be used outdoors all year round. The carefully designed heat dissipation performance ensures the waterproofing and heat dissipation of high-power light bulbs, ensuring the lifespan and smooth operation of the lamps.

Suspension Installation Structure

Reserve installation position for safety rope

Carefully Select Excellent Accessories

Adopting a wide voltage power supply and internationally recognized large capacitors Bold copper wire for higher brightness and better current stability

Packing List

Each process undergoes strict verificationEvery part is carefully selected

Flight Case
DIY Service

Equipped with silent 360 degree wheels + brake lockers

Note: This is DIY service,
please consult customer service for details!

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Works great, recommended!

Robert Katoh

I really recommend it!!


docela dobry


I finally received it after waiting for some days and couldn't wait to open it and test it.Perfect!


Tested and the product is perfect and of good quality