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7U Flight Case Power Supply Distribution Box 16A Waterproof Plug 12Channel

7U Flight Case Power Supply Distribution Box 16A Waterproof Plug 12Channel

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Sku: SKU: SHE-DisBox16CH12A

Type: 7U
Ship From: China by Sea/Train


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Please be noted: All flight cases are to be shipped by sea or by train. If you need more options in shipping methods, feel free to contact us.

Product Introduction:

1.Distribution cabinet power supply to large screen equipment needs to be designed and installed according to the standard network room power supply standard. In order to consider the impact of peak current, it is necessary to consider branch power supply and timing control. Secondary lightning protection should be considered in power supply. Equipment and protective ground should be separated. The whole large screen grounding system should be connected to the building grounding system. Lightning protection measures of key information equipment ports should also be considered.
2.Protection function: It has the functions of anti-static, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-lightning strike. It has the measures of over-voltage, over-current, power-off protection and distributed power-up, and has the functions of real-time monitoring temperature and fault alarm.
3.Use high-grade devices in the industry

Technical Parameters:

1. Power Supply: Three Phase Five Wire System AC380V + 10%, Frequency 50Hz + 5%.
2. Input Rated Current: 200A Rhinoceros Plug Input, Maximum 12 Channels x 4KW Optional For Any Load.
3. Equipped With 100A Master Switch, Overload And Short Circuit Double Protection High Split Air Switch.
4. Three Phase Independent Voltage, Current, Monitoring, Three Phase A.B.C Indicator Indication.
5. 3 Output Modes: 16A Waterproof Plug
6. Outline Size: International Standard 7U

Functional Characteristics:

1. Silicon Chip, The Core Device Of The Silicon Controlled Chip, Is Imported With Original Material, And Its Performance Is Stable And Reliable.
2. Good Heat Dissipation Device And Forced Air Cooling Combine With Intelligent Environmental Protection Control System.
3. The Efficient Anti-Interference Choke Has Strong Anti-Interference Ability And Low Noise.
4. Start Loop Setting, Preheat Setting.
5. Dimming Curve Can Be Set To Linear Or Switching State With A Switching Value Of 50%. When The Brightness Value Of Input Is Greater Than Or Equal To 50% In Switching State, The Output Circuit Will Be Full, Otherwise There Will Be No Output.
6. The Display Can Display Current And Voltage At The Same Time.